Council of Thieves

And so it begins...

From the Journal of Janiven

I hope that I have not compromised myself or our movement. Arael believes that the halfling tailor can be trusted, but I am not so sure. Still, we have only a limited window of opportunity and we need to gather more experienced assistance or we are going to surely fail. Good intentions are one thing, but the ability to deliver actual change must take us beyond our intentions.

I will say that they are a capable cohort. Our meeting was interrupted by Hellknights – who pursued us through the sewer systems. Only one group found us, and the group quickly coalesced and dispatched them with ease. There were some close calls with some form of undead (another example of the taint the flavors Westcrown) and a swarm of bugs. Fortunately the cleric called on the powers of his deity and used some flavor of magic to eradicate them.

We made our way out of the sewers and into the safe house. We must retrieve Arael from the Hellknights. I know he will not talk, and because of that, I know they will kill him. The movement cannot go forward without him. I am hoping that some of the ingenuity (and raw power for that matter) that I saw in the sewer can be used to dispatch the Hellknights and retrieve Arael. He will be a fugitive, but at least he will be free.


MattyinAK MattyinAK

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