Council of Thieves

From the Journal of Robahl Nonon

Dress rehearsal is tomorrow. I hope these “actors” are ready for the challenge that lies ahead of them. Most of them have improved over the week – but the halfling I cast as Dentris seemingly gets worse every day.

The actor playing Larazod is very quiet – but when called upon for a good performance he is able to seemingly deliver on demand. Hopefully those skills will not falter during the course of the actual play. I believe this single production will forever enshrine me in the annals of the Westcrown Theatre elite, as well as in the good graces of our mayor.

Thesing has become even more boorish and demanding. He dislikes all of the new actors, but especially the tiefling cleric and Rusty – who seem to have drawn the attention of young Calseinica. If Thesing weren’t such a good actor I would never put up with his ego. I won’t, however, insist that other cast members bow to his every wish.

Millech is standing outside pounding on my door. No doubt he wants answers I don’t have. His concern for the “safety” of the actors and crew is compelling, but I don’t think he gets that the very nature of this play belies safety. I don’t know exactly what the mayor and the Asmodean cleric he hired have planned – but I highly doubt safety was their first concern.


MattyinAK MattyinAK

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