Council of Thieves

As of 4/21/2011

Armor: Studded Leather, 7
Weapon: Short Sword, 7
Weapon: Crossbow, light, 7
Ammo: Bolts, 120
Weapon: Morning Star +1
Armor: Breast Plate +1
Armor: Breast Plate (MW)
Wand: Cure Light Wounds (11 charges)
Potion: Cure Light Wounds
Potion: Disguise Self
Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds
Symbol: Iron, unholy
Armor: Studded Leather (MW)
Weapon: Dagger (MW)
CHEST w/key…
Bag: Wooden Coins (markers of the Bastards of Erabus)
Gems, small, misc.
Jewelry, misc.
Weapon: Short Sword, jewelled
Weapon: Dagger (MW)
Weapon: Rapier (MW)


MattyinAK xggfx

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