Council of Thieves

Steady like a ....

I pray to you he who is the Maker and the Unmaker, It has been almost five years to the day that my father forced me into exile. I have spent much time here in West Crown. Meeting the humans who call themselves Chelaxian’s, most have no honor. I have worked for Hargeth and he has been good to me and though he has spent a lifetime as a smith his skill is poor at best. I can learn nothing from him and soon I must either open my own shop or find another mentor.

There are many opportunities here in West Crown but I also know that with those opportunities will come some sort of tribute to ply my craft here. I hope to learn how to deal with the underworld from the tailor Gelic or ask him to be the buffer between me and the seedier side of West Crown. The Maker will guide me on my journey I am sure, I will do what I must until then to discover what has happened to the Pathfinders here as I have pledged an oath to the society and they have done there part to keep me safe here.

I must learn more of what has happened here, perhaps these new “Rebel” allies will be able to aid me in that discovery.

Servant of Minderhal, Roark


MattyinAK Corston

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