Council of Thieves

The Eve of Change

Night covers the city and the shadow beasts roam the darkness. The streets are quiet and only those brave enough to venture into the rare lit pathways move about the quiet streets. On this night however, change is in the air. The city has lain too long under the palsy of fear and the iron fist of House Thrune. There is a strange and vibrant energy in the air – a foreshadowing of things to come.

Most dismiss it without giving it a second thought – but a few feel the energy crackling along their skin. They long to throw off the shackles of day to day drudgery and to forge a new path for themselves and for Westcrown.

The road ahead will be dangerous and the decisions will be difficult at best. Trust will not come easy and some may fall during the journey. History is written in the blood of those who sacrifice for its sake. Only the names of a few will be remembered. Some will be villians, others will be martyrs – and a select few will be celebrated as heroes.

The energy envelops the city briefly and then subsides – leaving no physical trace. Something has changed – but the city does not give up its secrets easily.


MattyinAK MattyinAK

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