Council of Thieves

From the Journal of Robahl Nonon

Dress rehearsal is tomorrow. I hope these “actors” are ready for the challenge that lies ahead of them. Most of them have improved over the week – but the halfling I cast as Dentris seemingly gets worse every day.

The actor playing Larazod is very quiet – but when called upon for a good performance he is able to seemingly deliver on demand. Hopefully those skills will not falter during the course of the actual play. I believe this single production will forever enshrine me in the annals of the Westcrown Theatre elite, as well as in the good graces of our mayor.

Thesing has become even more boorish and demanding. He dislikes all of the new actors, but especially the tiefling cleric and Rusty – who seem to have drawn the attention of young Calseinica. If Thesing weren’t such a good actor I would never put up with his ego. I won’t, however, insist that other cast members bow to his every wish.

Millech is standing outside pounding on my door. No doubt he wants answers I don’t have. His concern for the “safety” of the actors and crew is compelling, but I don’t think he gets that the very nature of this play belies safety. I don’t know exactly what the mayor and the Asmodean cleric he hired have planned – but I highly doubt safety was their first concern.

As of 4/21/2011

Armor: Studded Leather, 7
Weapon: Short Sword, 7
Weapon: Crossbow, light, 7
Ammo: Bolts, 120
Weapon: Morning Star +1
Armor: Breast Plate +1
Armor: Breast Plate (MW)
Wand: Cure Light Wounds (11 charges)
Potion: Cure Light Wounds
Potion: Disguise Self
Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds
Symbol: Iron, unholy
Armor: Studded Leather (MW)
Weapon: Dagger (MW)
CHEST w/key…
Bag: Wooden Coins (markers of the Bastards of Erabus)
Gems, small, misc.
Jewelry, misc.
Weapon: Short Sword, jewelled
Weapon: Dagger (MW)
Weapon: Rapier (MW)

Steady like a ....

I pray to you he who is the Maker and the Unmaker, It has been almost five years to the day that my father forced me into exile. I have spent much time here in West Crown. Meeting the humans who call themselves Chelaxian’s, most have no honor. I have worked for Hargeth and he has been good to me and though he has spent a lifetime as a smith his skill is poor at best. I can learn nothing from him and soon I must either open my own shop or find another mentor.

There are many opportunities here in West Crown but I also know that with those opportunities will come some sort of tribute to ply my craft here. I hope to learn how to deal with the underworld from the tailor Gelic or ask him to be the buffer between me and the seedier side of West Crown. The Maker will guide me on my journey I am sure, I will do what I must until then to discover what has happened to the Pathfinders here as I have pledged an oath to the society and they have done there part to keep me safe here.

I must learn more of what has happened here, perhaps these new “Rebel” allies will be able to aid me in that discovery.

Servant of Minderhal, Roark

And so it begins...

From the Journal of Janiven

I hope that I have not compromised myself or our movement. Arael believes that the halfling tailor can be trusted, but I am not so sure. Still, we have only a limited window of opportunity and we need to gather more experienced assistance or we are going to surely fail. Good intentions are one thing, but the ability to deliver actual change must take us beyond our intentions.

I will say that they are a capable cohort. Our meeting was interrupted by Hellknights – who pursued us through the sewer systems. Only one group found us, and the group quickly coalesced and dispatched them with ease. There were some close calls with some form of undead (another example of the taint the flavors Westcrown) and a swarm of bugs. Fortunately the cleric called on the powers of his deity and used some flavor of magic to eradicate them.

We made our way out of the sewers and into the safe house. We must retrieve Arael from the Hellknights. I know he will not talk, and because of that, I know they will kill him. The movement cannot go forward without him. I am hoping that some of the ingenuity (and raw power for that matter) that I saw in the sewer can be used to dispatch the Hellknights and retrieve Arael. He will be a fugitive, but at least he will be free.

The Eve of Change

Night covers the city and the shadow beasts roam the darkness. The streets are quiet and only those brave enough to venture into the rare lit pathways move about the quiet streets. On this night however, change is in the air. The city has lain too long under the palsy of fear and the iron fist of House Thrune. There is a strange and vibrant energy in the air – a foreshadowing of things to come.

Most dismiss it without giving it a second thought – but a few feel the energy crackling along their skin. They long to throw off the shackles of day to day drudgery and to forge a new path for themselves and for Westcrown.

The road ahead will be dangerous and the decisions will be difficult at best. Trust will not come easy and some may fall during the journey. History is written in the blood of those who sacrifice for its sake. Only the names of a few will be remembered. Some will be villians, others will be martyrs – and a select few will be celebrated as heroes.

The energy envelops the city briefly and then subsides – leaving no physical trace. Something has changed – but the city does not give up its secrets easily.


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