The Fall of Westcrown

From Westcrown: A History

In 4606 AR, Aroden, god of humanity, innovation and history, died. No city in all of Golarion was wracked more fundamentally by this catastrophic event than Westcrown. The capital of Cheliax – an entire country sworn to the god of humanity’s worship at the time – Westcrown was the expected site of Aroden’s return and had spent decades preparing for the event. A massive plaza known as the Arodennama, complete with a towering statue of the god, stood ready to receive the deity, yet after his death, it took only a few short years for the church of Aroden to fall. The Arodennama was abandoned, and the entire country found itself in the grips of a civil war with fierce diabolists.

Time and fate have not been kind to the Wiscrani. The city exists as a mere shadow of its once greatness. An unsteady fear permeates everything in the city. There is no real freedom – as the city enters an unholy lock down each night – shadow creatures prowl the unlit portions of the city – destroying anyone or anything that crosses their path.

For over a century the city has remained in turmoil – but there are now some indications that there are those who would wish to see it change. Can they muster the will and the direction to reverse the current course in Westcrown?

The city is ruled by an ineffective and corrupt mayor and peace is kept only through an uneasy agreement of the city constables (dottari) and the Hellknights- chapters of zealots – loyal only to their own cause and the diabolist beliefs. In the background the cities real power lies with the House of Thrune – the ultimate winners in the civil war and strife that followed Aroden’s death.

There are rumors of groups who wish to return the city to its former splendor. They are only whispers in the dark however, as such thoughts and words are viewed as treason. If they exist – they must move quietly and carefully – under the watchful eyes of the dottari, the Hellknights and the House of Thrune.


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